Strategic Plan
The AICPA Strategic Plan highlights the unique position and economic benefits of AICPA’s activities and how these activities respond to macro trends with significant implications for the profession.

Annual Report
High-quality reporting should transparently demonstrate how organizations preserve and create value over time. As a African advocate for integrated reporting, AICPA annual review is designed to offer information on our financial, human, social and intellectual capitals alongside our strategic objectives, governance arrangements and financial highlights. It also describes how we strengthen organizations and enhance economies by supporting and empowering our member organizations and the global accountancy profession in the public interest.
This review is part of our reporting, which also comprises our Financial Statements  for the year ended. With this annual review, we are continuing a journey of more fully implementing the integrated reporting principles and concepts AICPA advocates for African—those set out in the International Integrated Reporting Council’s Integrated Reporting Framework.

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