AICPA Membership

AICPA is comprised of over 175 Members and Associates in over 130 countries and jurisdictions*, representing almost 3 million accountants in public practice, education, government service, industry, and commerce. AICPA Members and Associates are professional accountancy organizations (PAOs) recognized by law or general consensus within their countries as substantial national organizations.

Members are required to:
•    support AICPA 's mission and programs;
•    demonstrate compliance with the Statements of Membership Obligations;
•    be financially and operationally viable, and have an appropriate governance structure;
•    make financial contributions; and
•    meet the other criteria described in the  AICPA Constitution and the  AICPA Bylaws.

Associate status is open to PAOs that do not meet all of the Member admission criteria but demonstrate evidence of compliance with additional criteria and procedures.

Value of Membership
AICPA Member and Associate status brings with it a great deal of value. Members and Associates:
•    Become part of the global voice of the profession;
•    Obtain access to information, resources, and support to help strengthen the profession locally, regionally, and nationally; and
•    Provide input on critical global issues and contribute to the global agenda.

In addition to the above, AICPA Members influence the operations, strategy, leadership, and membership of AICPA by voting on many different matters during all AICPA Council meetings.

Affiliates, Regional Organizations, and Accountancy Groupings
AICPA also has Affiliates, organizations that do not meet Associate admission criteria but are involved in the development of the accountancy profession.
AICPA works with Recognized Regional Organizations and Acknowledged Accountancy Groupings, independent bodies that support the development of the international accountancy profession, facilitate convergence to international standards, and provide leadership in addressing issues affecting the accountancy profession in their region and/or among their constituencies. Regional Organizations support AICPA Members, Associates, and the profession within a geographic region; Accountancy Groupings bring together professional accountancy organizations with specific commonalities, such as language, culture, proximity, trade, etc.

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